Maggie and the Flying Pigs (Magic Animal Rescue, Bk. 4)

Maggie and the Flying Pigs (Magic Animal Rescue, Bk. 4)

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When magical creatures need help, it's Maggie to the rescue.

Eight-year-old Maggie isn't like other girls who live in the Enchanted Forest. She notices all the magical creatures around her that no one else does - like talking horses, water nymphs, and unicorns.

Maggie loves taking care of the injured magical creatures with Bob the Stableman. But her newest task isn't so easy - she has to look after some rowdy flying pigs! Meanwhile, her stepmother, Zelia, is trying to get Maggie's stepbrother Peter a job at Bob's stable. But whenever Peter's involved, Maggie knows there will be trouble - what will he do now?

Children Fiction Science Fiction, Fantasy, & Magic
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